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    Trying to load "Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory" on my new Vista machine but it won't run. anybody know of a patch that i can download. thx

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    Try the latest StarForce patch. It's not listed on their official site ( so you need to google it.

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    The StarForce update for Vista can be found HERE.

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    I can get the S.F. patch installed, then run the game. The updated graphics are awesome..

    But, when it comes to saving my game, the game crashes. I've only been able to save a game ONCE, and that was when I turned on my User Accounts feature. Thereafter, it just crashes every time I try to save a game. Then, when I go back to "continue" my last game, only the background loads, and I can't see anything else (characters, Sam, HUD, etc... etc..)

    Any solutions????

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    Have you tried setting the compatability mode in the Properties of the game launcher to XP? I'm running vista home premium, & did the starforce download. When that didn't work, I opened the properties of the game launcher & discovered the "run game in compatible mode". No Problems since.

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    No, it didn't seem to work.

    I was able to get it to work the first time I installed it, but I remember I had to turn user accounts on. for some reason, that seemed to do it. I can run the game just fine, everything is good, except for the fact that when I try to save my game the console shuts down and closes SCCT. Now I can't seem to get it to work at all... Anyone?

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    try to run SCCT on my PC I have vista as well it doesn't even start updated the game & starforce driver try the compatibility mode still nothing . I don't know what to do next!!!
    Some help would be highly appreciated Thanks in advance

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    there is only one solution download vLITE and make a custom install of vista and remove user accounts and windows defender in short make a custom gameing machine remember you cannot do this from with in vista find an xp machine

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    with this I gonna be able to play the game with Windows Vista?

    thank you

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    I had many problems with installing Chaos Theory. I suggest the following:
    When the compatibility warning pops up DO NOTignore it. Click oncheck for solutions and install the Starforce driver.
    I put tne game in the C:\games directory not in C:\Program Files to avoid UAC problems.

    When entering the activation key use the number on the sticker that looks like a mailing label NOT the one printed on the back ot the instruction booklet. ONLY THE TOP ROW not the second row.

    I am using Vista Home Basic SP1.

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