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    Jan 2012
    Utah, USA

    Welcome aboard Tilihod

    The game has been a great way for me to try and get back into shape. I'm a 45 year old **** that hasn't been doing much activity at all. Fortunately, this program has helped me stay motivated and has challenged me a lot. I'm determined to get back into shape. I already feel much better and I love the endorphins that are release from exercising. Best wishes to you and all the other fellow Kinect'ers out there.

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    Junior Member fuuian's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
    Looking for YSFE friends, my GT is Fuuian05.

    Anyone know if the DLC here (Back in Shape Lose It and Keep it Off) is worth it and/or targeted to beginners?

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    YSFE Friends

    Hi there,

    Looking for YSFE12 friends for leader boards, challenges etc.

    I'm male, 41, and looking for similar. I work out 3-4 times a week and average around 200-300 calories per session. I've had Kinect/YSFE for about 8 weeks now and want to keep the momentum going. Loving the results so far. My gamer tag is PAFC

    All my other friends who had it seemed to lose interest and stopped playing a while back.

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    Hi there

    Looking for YSFE12 friends too. Add me, my Gamertag is ToastedSoul


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    Hi everyone,

    I'll join in too, gamertag is Motorheadcase

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    please add me GT: o0 Not Sure 0o

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    Mar 2012
    Hey everyone please add me gamer tag lisa1515

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    Hii all..

    Just brought your shape fitness evolved 2012..

    Pls add me my gametag is kiddingbear707
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    I have worked out 4 days now, and I don't know anything yet about challenges. Sounds fun & promising though. I am 57 and need to losing 10 or 15 pounds. Gametag is Losingitnbv

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    I play Sports 2, Your Shape 2012 and others

    Please add me StreakierMonk97. I play Your Shape Fitness Evolve 2012, Adventures, sports season 2, dance central 2, and others. I also have MS VS. ATV, FORZA..

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