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    Does anyone know of the best area and sequence to find the Templar Tax Collector? I need to know so I can get my last story mode trophy.
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    Seems to be pretty random. I have no clue what triggers him but I always run into him after just walking around checking stuff out for awhile.
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    Ive been walking around for hours and cant find this guy. I have everything done but the treasures and this tax evasion trophy. I dont want to start MP until I get all the story mode stuff done. I might just have to give up.
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    I just stood in one area for a few moments and he popped up. I didn't even know it was him.
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    I tried for over 5 hours on sequence 4, 5 and the end. I was finishing up the guild challenges and just standing around sometimes hoping he would pop up but he never did. I gave up and started MP.
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    I noticed him a few times during the game, not realizing that there was an achievement for killing him. I didn't even know he was a tax collector. I thought he was a thief or a courier. Once he surprised me by popping up literally inches from my face while I was running along the rooftops. Instinctively , I assassinated him with my hidden blade and the achievement unlocked to my surprise/delight. My only advice is to stick mainly on the rooftops. It's a lot easier to spot him up there than on the crowded streets.
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    Thank you Dreamer. Ive been hangin around markets and such figurin he would show up but I still havent seen him. My son started his own game and finished it and he never saw the tax collector once. Crazy
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    They appear to show up at random, but they are very rare compared to the Borgia couriors from AC2 and ACB. I am currently in sequence 7 and have only seen about a half dozen to this point.
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    Im just gonna start over. Im tired of waiting. Its the last trophy I need, then I can concentrate on my challenges.
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    This is theo nly torphy I need to get a platinum..but I can't find the dam bastardo -_-.

    I want to get the platinum so I can move on to Zelda but...I can't knowing I only need ONE to get a platinum
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