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    Since UBI scrapped their yearly UBI event, they will most likely make any big game announcements at the E3 June 2-4 where they have a large booth and meeting room.

    Ms K,

    Could you find out what games they will announce and let us know? We promise not to tell anyone and ruin the surprise.

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    If someone goes to E3 can you ask ubisoft to support their games? Thanks in advance....

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    If I go, I plan on wearing an anti-ubi shirt.

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    I’m afraid I'm not in a position to comment on this, no doubt an official statement will come out closer to E3 confirming the Ubisoft line up although I'm not sure when that’s planned to go out. I'll see what I can find out

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    Originally posted by NOS.SPECTER:
    If I go, I plan on wearing an anti-ubi shirt.
    That would be awesome if we could get a few hundred people to do that!!
    Maybe Ubisoft would finally get the message!!!

    But .. Don't hold your breath!!!

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    Who really cares my days of buying UBI games are over. After many years of buying their games for which I should be slapped. I realised that they never finish them & are happy to leave them that way.

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