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    Hello everyone. I was just wondering how many misions there are in SH4? I heard that there were only 5 missions and I hope I'm wromg. I got SH4 when it first came out but wanted to wait till it was all patched up. Thanks for your valuable time!

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    there's around 10 quick missions i think. there's also a career mode.

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    Originally posted by jennymnb:
    there's around 10 quick missions i think. there's also a career mode.
    I really want to know how many missions there are in the career mode. Thanks

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    it depends on how long those missions are of yours. You'll keep getting missions until the war is over.

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    Is the war time about the same as SH3? Just wondering if SH4 is a shorter game than SH3. Thanks again.

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    Well the answer to your last question is 12/8/41 to 9/15/45. Mission types in game are, but not limmited to: Patrol (time on station, destroy XXXX tons of a ship type), insertion (spy, troop, supply), recon, and rescue. There may be more but these are the ones I know of.

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    So it looks like the time frame is about the same as SH3, Thanks.

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    There are at least 50 patrol objective base missions, probably more, I haven't counted. On top of that, there are the dynamic missions generated. I think if you took unique combos in career mode, many hundreds are possible.

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    I'm a HUGE fan of the SH3 and want to wait longer so I can patch it up so my experience will be awesome and not problemattic. SH3 kept me playing for 9 months none stop before I gave it a rest, can't wait for 1.4 patch and hope that patch will fix everything.

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    I have not chimed in on any of the patch talk or anything bad about SH4, but patch 1.4 will not fix everything, each person has their own feel how the game should be and things like that. I have liked the game right out of the box, yes some things annoyed the heck out of me but I still played the game. As each patch came out, things got better. One day I got brave so to speak and installed T.M. 1.6 and the subsequent fixes to T.M. T.M. made the game even better and with a few other mods the game is awesome! I wish I would have known about the mods for SH3, which I can no longer play since I run Vista 64 (thinking of building an XP rig for SH3). So if you have the game, play it and see how you like it. Mod it to your liking, but trust me with reading everything from the release of the game, their probably isn't enough patches to fix everything.

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