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    There is 10 maps, with more coming down the road. With no Deathmatch/Sharpshooter I am wondering if some people who love respawns won't like the multiplayer since its not similar to the standard shooters (quake, halo, doom, etc). More along the lines of a Tom Clancy game since there is no jumping.

    He said he didn't want capture the flag or it to devolve into deathmatch.

    War Zone - 4 on 4 elimination match where everyone gets one life.
    Assasination - your team wins by killing the other team's designated leader.
    Execution - you have to perform a close-up execution, curb stomp, chain saw, or point blank pistol in the head - to finish your opponent or he'll come back into play.

    "If you have no fear of death, then you just run at each other, and it devolves into a Quake match. That's cool, but we're not that game"

    Oh yeah, they also show the first sequence of images of a curb stomp in action (4 images). I haven't seen that before either.

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    Sounds good to me really. I have never been a fan of the whole spawn kill issue that accompanies sharshooter modes. Obviously, sharpshooter doesn't work in multiplayer.

    Kool how there's a mode to showcase the chainsaw!

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    Sounds refreshing. I hope the gameplay modes work out well.

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    Yeah, I hate spawn killing. Doesn't really showcase your skills all that much doing that. These game modes sound good to me. Something a little different is always good.

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    as long as the games does not turn into a camp fest it sounds pretty awesome

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    It probably will involve lots of camping though unless somesort of Offensive/Defensive team gametype happens to be made.

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    Theres a pretty decent "Hands on Review" of GOW here...

    ...where the guy has played the "War Zone" mode.

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    Sounds good so far. Regular deathmatch games are fun but, this is different and different is good.

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    That game is hot.

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    8 player multiplayer? horsesh*t

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