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    Junior Member x PiRATESOULS x's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Knoxville, TN
    Ello FRAG DOLLS & forum members

    I need some FEMALES to play with!!

    I've been out of gaming since 2006. I was hardcore into it from 02-06.

    My name is Kayla, and I am 24 years old, living in Knoxville TN.

    I used to be "pms pirate" back in those days. I have BF3 & ghost recon, add a girl! x PiRATESOULS x for xbox live all friends welcome. skilled, unskilled, guy, girl.

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    ready and, ready and, ready and, I'm back

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    Jul 2012
    Hi everyone! ^_^ I'm guessing this is where I'd say hello? Haha. My name is Stephanie...and after following the FD for a longggg time and lurking around these forums for a short time, I decided to join! I'm 24 and, surprise surprise, I love gaming! Looking forward to chatting with like-minded ladies (and dudes for that matter!)

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    Welcome x PiRATESOULS x and MidoriKitsune ^.^

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    Herro guys! (^-^)

    My name is Jennifer, and I own two very different cupcake businesses, When Im not busy making nerd cupcakes, I'm online playing EVERY FPS I can get my hands onto. Glad to be here, hope I will get to play with many of you in the future!
    XBL Mrs FETT 87
    PSN mrsfett87
    and yes, im an oober star wars nerd, with lego star wars tattoos on my feet, the back of my neck, and little big planet on my right side. (THAT ONE HURT! lol)

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    Welcome Jen, everyone here is really awesome, great to have you! Now what about these cupcakes I hear ^_^ PM me your link I would love to check it out!! Feel free to add me on xbox Rustlingrose. Talk to you soon

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    Oh hai guuuyyss. I'm like new here, and like what do we like do for like fun and stuff?

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    Hello, everyone. My name's Alyssa; I've been a lurker, but I thought it'd be nice to introduce myself here before I post in any of the other threads.

    I'm a lifelong gamer -- the majority of my experience until these past few years has been console games, specifically platformers and RPGs. I'm a wardrobe assistant for a pre-professional ballet company, and I'm also a cosplayer and a crafter, which frequently merges with my love of gaming. I even made a SCII skirt for MLG Orlando last year and had it signed by a bunch of the commentators and players; I ended up being in one of MLG's official photo albums as well as the intro to the Team Liquid documentary. ^_^

    I love meeting new people and making friends, so I look forward to being active in the Frag Doll forums and chatting with you all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bca View Post
    oh hai guuuyyss. I'm like new here, and like what do we like do for like fun and stuff?


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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkShowers View Post
    *punches DarkShowers*

    Hi everyone, welcome to the forums!

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