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    I would pay money for Ubisoft to add a map creator/editor to Ruse. It would greatly improve the replay value. Please do the poll and comment.
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    Yeah I know but I want them to revive it , Its going to be awhile for euegen sytems new game to come out.
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    If its dead why do you still play it and contribute to forums? I dont want it to be, I play this game everyday.
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    You wanna pay them for publishing the editor? OK! That's nice. But you know that you'll need like 1000000€?
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    Crushing dreams and idea's is popular around here Skeleton but you don't have to give up. Maybe it's not that realistic but I too would give the Developers a few bucks for a Map editor.

    Ahhhh.... imagine how amazingly awesome a map editor would be. Cheers to wishing and hoping the Devs would care a little more for their paying customers. This treatment certainly will not help Eugen sell more units of the next title they release.

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