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    Hi Everyone,

    Lately, there have been many threads posted that do not belong in the General Discussion/Off Topic Forum.

    As per the rules:

    General Posting:
    In order to stem the amount of threads being locked due to posts being in the incorrect forum please assist us by making the correct choice before starting a new Topic Thread.

    General/Off-Topic Forum: Discussion related to PoP aswell as Off topic topics and games.
    Hints & Tips Forum: For all your gameplay needs.
    Prince Of Persia - Legacy Forum:For all your Prince Of Persia help in game play. Also to discuss the classic Prince of Persia games
    Community Technical Help Forum :Computer/console issues that need to be solved along with game problems
    From today onwards, all newly posted and existing threads that do not belong in the General Discussion/Off Topic Forum, will be locked.

    Please post properly in future.

    Thank you for your co-operation.

    -- The Prince Of Persia Moderation Team --
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