With the 3 US planes now available, and with the Normandy and Ardennes maps, and after being intimidated for years by it., I'm going to attempt mission building on the Western front..I guess I'll need to learn some graphics so I can use appropriate US insignia.Peaae, kind sirs, I need help. First, is there a good manual on this?. Mudmovers has a "Mission Builder 101" but it starts right out without any preliminary setup instructions.( I am a bit of a plodding thinker and like to go step by careful step). I've fumbled around with it , but when I first hit "fly" the image is reversed, with the ground below the sky. Can somebody offfer suggestions?. Sorry for being so elementary, but that's me. In CFS2 I did some fairly successsful building, but have forgotten how. Thanks.
Bob Roberts