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    Originally posted by rumeni:
    Guys i have a problem when i enter my cd key it gives me Error (1001) what should i do ? pls help me

    Is this the first time you have tried to play the game?

    If you have played it before, and have registered the key, try to sign in using the same account..

    If this is your first attempt - make sure you are not confusing letter [oh] O with [zero] 0

    If none of that helps, please contact support using the links in my signature.
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    Hi.I got my ACB for birthday, brand new, but when i put my cd key on it, it was said that it had already been used! How is that possible and what should I do? Maybe go in the store where my friend bought the game and try to get a new copy of the game? Please, I want so freaking bad to play online!
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    I need help too, I bought the game online for 49.99 Euros and when i entered the key code, is says "KEY BINDING FAILED! This key is incorrect."
    I found my key in my order history section... Please Help!!
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    where can i find my product key that came with my game ??
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    I bought the game recently, and when I entered the CD key, for my big suprice, it showed me that it was used already! Is there like a 0.00000001% someone got it random?! Can u help me? I can send u picture with the CD key!
    P.S. Lim41209 has the same problem.
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    Originally posted by Mr_Shade:
    Hi there,

    If your 100% sure the code is correct [not confusing 1's with I's for example] - you have a few options.

    You can either contact the retailer, who should offer to swap the game for you - so you have a new CD Key


    You can contact Ubisoft Support - who will, after they verify the Key has not been used, supply you with a new one

    You may need to provide photographic proof of purchase, so please be aware.

    I personally would try the store first, if your able, since it may be quicker.
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    hello guys i have a problem with assassins creed BH, my friend gave me the game which just came with the cd and a little cd envelope which was unopened and cd was new and when i play it in uplay it tells me to give a activation cd key and i dont have a booklet or anything as it only came in a cd envelope which was sealed so i dont know what to do someone help me
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    Can't see what the code is scratchs over the Words :S what could i do?
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    Hi There

    I received AC:B free when I bought an LG 3D monitor but unfortunately my on-board graphics card wasn't good enough to run the game.

    I've finally upgraded my graphics and the game has run the patch update and installed Uplay but every time i go to run the game it keeps asking my for the CD key.

    Problem is that I have never had a CD key to my knowledge and can't find one in any of the manuals that came with the monitor or on the CD, so how would I go about getting one?
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    I bought this game in 2011 and when I installed it on my computer it said that this keycode is already used.
    I played this game a year and a half ago and I forgot my Uplay-account(and my e-mail adress I used for this account) and I already used my keycode.
    Nowadays I can't play the game,
    Can somebody help me plz??
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