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    Read all previous posts on this topic, and didn't find any solutions. Maybe there's a new suggestion?
    After killing Talal, I'm back in the Animus room. There's no one around, all the doors are locked (and no, I can't get in to my bedroom), the computers are non-responsive, and there's absolutely nothing to interact with.
    Am I screwed? Is this a permanent glitch?
    Please help before I tear out my hair.
    Thanks in advance.

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    wait, after u kill talal? definitely not supposed to happen.

    sorry bud but i think ur screwed... thats the first i have heard of that one, and i dont know how to fix it other than starting over.

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    @rider: you got OWNED by assassins creed!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB!!

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    Yeah, after I killed Talal, I got back to the Bureau, was cleared to leave and go back to Al-Mualim.
    I had to go to a meeting, so I went to exit the Animus, got a full blank white screen, and the system froze.
    The next day I fire up the game, and wound up where I am now. According to other readings here, apparently, I should be able to go to sleep and then swipe the dude's pen or something.
    As stated, I'm locked in the main room, with nothing to interact with.

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    Not even the Animus?

    I suppose you'll have to start over... Talal isn't that far into the game, but that's still really unfortunate!

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    Yes this happened to me aswell.
    I just finished the last assasination in memory block 4. I finished with the one in Acre and then i went back to reality and watched the movie bits. After i finished sleeping i turned my console off, then the next day i went to play some assasins creed and theres nothing in the animus room. i cant interact or get into my room or anything. No people either! this is driving me insane! i dont know weather i should start it all again or if theres something obvious that im missing

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    when you first go into your game does it say memoryblok 0? as that is normaly a sign the save got corrupt and causes this problem.

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    Ahh crap this sounds like the EXACT issue I have now. Back in the lab room after finishing the third kill in Memory Block 4. No one is around. Bedroom will not open and I cannot interact with anything.

    When I loaded it for the first time tonight my PS3 froze. On the second and third attempt it loaded fine, but yeah - I could not proceed out of the lab room.

    When I load the game, it says Memory 4.

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    I am stuck now with this same probem...have any of you found a solution or is it to start over?

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