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    Boosher... cools hots of the Sam's on the hunt.

    Luno13... It's good to hear that your Ghostrider has stopped haunting that P-38 ****pit! LoL


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    A few recent ground pounding shots.


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    Long over do for a small break from the raging air battles and a night on the town...

    our hero pilot endures the flames of battle in the endless skies over the Russian Steppes.


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    The tropical skies over the heated Pacific War.


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    Yeah I am running it at 1920x1200 and it looks incredible with HSFX 5.01 or UP3.0, but even stand-alone it still looks great apart from the smoke!

    I don't think I'll ever get rid of this as it has so-much variety, tons of American aircraft (which will be years before they appear in CloD...if ever) and it still has a lot of players online eat that CloD!

    1946 is for me going to be the ultimate sim for years, by which time CloD should at-least be past the sound bugs

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    Have the resolution set at 1920x1280 and the following conf files set at " TexCompress=0" "TexFlags.TexCompressARBExt=0".

    While using Uber Demon's program's... I can run with settings at max levels with around 200 aircraft give or take in the air depending on the map.


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    The with the above screen it might be hard to see the action... so here are a few other screen shots using UD's program with 28 Fw-190's, 97 C-47/G-11's, 73 C-47/Me-232's and 20 P-47's in the air and using the Ardennes map.


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    The ultimate Sherman Hunter!


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    New Zealand P40 gets 2 zekes attacking a B25 ( with a little help from the tail-gunner)

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    A few unedited shots.


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