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    A little suped-up for something in 1940 don't you think?

    Great looking Black Widow though

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    It not quite a perfect MB-152... but it's is close enough to fill in for the MB-152. There are not many Frech aircraft for 1940 missions so this does a great job till something better comes down the line for the time being.

    And the P-61a&b are a great ride and carry the orginal loads to fit the missions.


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    Yup, it still is a good looking hack. It had me fooled for a second

    Here's one I finished just now. IARs on an attack sortie near Stalingrad:


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    The IAR-80 & 81 series are excellent flying crates... I prefer the crap planes. It feels like you have accomplished something if you get a victory kill with those birds. LoL

    But do tryout the MB-152... it's not the hack you think and fairly close to the orginal.

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    A bird for chasing those MiG-17's around with.


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    DangerDogz mucking around tonight,


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    4.11 shots please!!

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    I haven't taken many yet, but here's one including a new (to me) damage effect:


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    Something isn't right here...


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