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    P-51B "HotPants" Flown by Lt.Richard Rabb 370th Fighter Squadron 359th Fighter Group. Serial number 43-6461 Code CS*Q. While returing form a misson 4th of August 1944 the plane ran out of fuel and was forced to land in Sweden where it was Interned. Wilson Baker was at the stick.

    Blank and nomarking too.

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    P-51B "HotPants" Flown by Lt.Richard Rabb 370th Fighter Squadron 359th Fighter Group. Serial number 43-6461 Code CS*Q. While returing form a misson 4th of August 1944 the plane ran out of fuel and was forced to land in Sweden where it was Interned. Wilson Baker was at the stick.

    Blank and nomarking too.

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    Hi Wolfe,
    Nice choice and nice skinning work!
    Great to see one of the Mustangs landing in Sweden portrayed here. "Hot Pants" was one of five flyable Mustangs interned in Sweden. This AC later became the first P51 to belong to F16 in Uppsala, where later also several in 1945 purchased P51D Mustangs were based. The arrival of the P51Ds to Stockholm was spectacular as on one delivery flight some pilots flew under Stockholm's by then largest bridge "Vasterbron". My best friends mother wathced it! This has later been re-enacted by the P51D "Yellow Kalle", then based in Sweden, years ago. This I watched myself.
    "Hot Pants" was probably not flown after arriving to F16 but used as a spare parts source. A picture from spring 1946 show "Hot Pants" still in original US painting and markings at F16.
    According to the "J26 Mustang" book by Leif Fredin,1989, there was no black area between the white invasion stripes on the fuselage.
    The AC was stricken off the RSAF 1947-06-16 and the fuselage was sent to FTS technical school in Vasteras.

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    Thanks for the info on that.

    You wouldn't happen to have any photos of 51B's in Swedish markings would you. I plan on doing some captured Mustangs here quick.

    Think I'll up date HotPants.

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    Hi again Wolfe,
    Yes I have pictures of the only P51B which actually flew with Swedish markings. I will try to scan them in the office tomorrow. I also have to learn how to upload pictures to the forum replies (Advice??). Or better PM me your e-mail address.
    The P51B in question was "Z Hub", P51B-5-NA, 43-6365, GQ-J, 355FS/354FG, Pilot 1Lt Eldon E. Posey, landing at Rinkaby AF May 13, 1944 after escorting a raid to Stettin. Claimed reason was "fuel shortage". The AC was not damaged.
    "Z Hub" became 26001 in the RSAF, i.e. the first serial number in the P51 RSwAF register.
    It was used as a squadron hack at F16 Uppsala and flown without armament.
    It occured in two different paint schemes:

    1. "Olive Green 325H (H=Semi-gloss)"; FS595A/24083 or according to Methuen 2F3(upper surfaces and fuselage sides).
    White spinner(HQ Flight colour =white). White "D" (600mm height)on the fin.
    Swedish national insignia (Diam. 960mm) with the three crowns followed by a yellow "16"(For 16:th Wing)of 400mm height, on both sides of fuselage.(Wing number always after the national insignia on both sides.)
    Aircraft code number "26001" in white after the wing number ("16") with 65mm height.
    Wing Sw. nat. insig. above and below wing with diameter 1320mm.
    Undersides in "Blue-Grey 058", i.e. according to Methuen 24(D-E)2 (Semi-gloss)

    2. Later it was stripped to natural metal, except for the anti-dazzle panel on the nose, during the last years of service.
    Basically the same lettering and insignia. However AC code number"26001" was black.
    Stricken off charge 1952-11-19 after 448hrs because of age and lack of spares.

    Out of the five flyable P51s in Sweden in 1944 (Three B and 2 D), one P51B crashed during a hangar storming flying demonstration over Ljunbyhed military air field on Oct 7, 1944, while still in US markings ("Some Joke", P51B-1-NA, 43-12463, 370FS/359FG, CS-N).Pilot was Lt Talcott USAAF who was killed. Two P51s was to be flown by American pilots to Bromma air field in Stockholm("Hot Pants" and "Some Joke". The word has it that he started a spontaneous air show over the field forcing recruits to fling themselves to the ground when the P51 passed over them. He hit a tree top and crashed behind a workshop building. The AC cought fire and Talcott died instantly. Talcott earlier arrived in P51D (44-13917) "You've Had It" on August 6 (Later 26004 in RSwAF). This AC name was a bit ironic considering his destiny a few months later.

    The remaining two were now only "Hot Pants and "Z Hub"

    I hope this will be of help to you.

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    Great info! Thanks.

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    Hi again,
    Compared your "Hot Pants" with pictures and I believe you will find photo material to improve on the invasion stripes. On one picture it is clear that the stripes above the mid fuselage line can still be seen as white "shadows".
    The "Hot Pants" text seems to be written with "Hot" outlined with a thick white line, while the "Pants" part has no obvious outline.
    The CS and Q letters in AC code have "cut corners" style, i.e. the Q has eight corners, as an example.
    On the left hand view of AC, the left vertical line of the Q is spot on the left vertical line of the last white invasion stripe.
    The AC also looks a bit worn on the pictures with paint chipping off at some parts of the nose and on screw heads around panels.
    The kill markings, as a block, are positioned further forward. The aft vertical line of the "block of flags" is right on the vertical line of the first window frame.There is also a small spacing between the flags, showing the camouflage colour in between.
    The number 36461 on the fin is positioned with "36" on the vertical fin, and "461" on the rudder part.

    I hope you don't find me tiring with my comments. Just exicted whenever stuff with Scandinavian connection turns up!
    I am sure the end result will be greate!
    If you or anyone else would like to get advice on Swedish Mustangs, emergency landed AC during WW2 or SwAF stuff I will try to help.

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    Here we go again!
    If you follow the link:

    You will find a nice photo of 26001 former "Z Hub" in her late SwAF livery - Bare metal.

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    Check your PMs F19Gladiator, my email is there.

    Thanks for the link! I can get a start on it.
    Any other pics of the other mustangs Before repainting and after would be great too.

    Can do a skin pack before/after type thing.

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    Thanks Wolfe,
    Got your email PM. Great idea with the before/after thing. I'll see what I can provide you with. Do you want the P51Ds then as well?

    P51D-5-NA, 44-13917, D7-L, "You've Had It" from 339FG/503FS became RSwAF 26004
    This AC was in 1952 sold to Dominican Republic AF. Fate unknown! Interesting AC as it flew in US, Swedish and Dominican colours!

    P51D-D-NA, 44-13345, C5-I, "Mary Ann" from 357FG/364FS became RSwAF 26003

    Of the P51Bs only "Z Hub" got Swedish paint work.

    Can also be of interest to know that some ex RSwAF Mustangs still exist in USA today, also in air worthy condition.

    After being replaced by jet Fighters, RSwAF Mustangs were sold to Israel, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The P51s were well maintained in the RSwAF. Swedish technicians also worked for the Dominican AF ensuring proper maintenance of their Mustangs.

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