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    farcry crashes to desk top after playing thru the carier mission it will load and then back to deck top why help . I have a pent 4 3.2 1 gig of ram and a 6800gs viedo card.
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    You may need the three patches. Make sure you know about the farcry configuration. Also, virtual memory should be 50% more than the RAM total, like 766k with the ram about 512K. Get regcure, free. And get CCleaner, Free. (they have no BS hidden anything) Check for any graphics setting level that your computer has besides the graphics card. Look up optimizing your computer
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    This can be a common bug on some systems.

    If all else fails you can access the console screen by typing the tilde key at any point. ( ~ ) Once in the console you can force the game to load any level you want by typing "\map mapname" without the quotes. Replace mapname with the next level you want to play such as fort or bunker or research etc. I actually cant recall what comes after carrier at the moment... maybe fort or bunker? Anyhow, try this out and see if it gets you past the bug.

    Also, when you do this you will enter the level with some basic weaponry and will lose whatever weapon set you had accumulated, but at least you can advance thru the game.

    I have noticed that the bug only effected me on the carrier level so hopefully the same will be true for you. Good Luck!
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