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    hi, i've started to use paintshop pro, and was playing around with some insignia, with a view to replacing some of the ones currently used via matmanger.

    i've got my insignia looking how i want, but how do i add an alpha channel, at the moment its just rgb, i tried duplicating one across from another insignia from matmanager, but everytime i go to save it as a tga, it looses it.

    i probably being very thick, but any help much appropriated,

    cheers fruitbat

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    how do i add an alpha channel in PSP?

    Stole this from somewhere a while ago....


    PSP 7:

    1. Select what you want to become an alpha channel. Then Selections -> Save To Alpha Channel.

    2. The 'Save to Alpha Dialog' box opens.
    - The filename of the image appears in the 'Available Documents' box, and the selection is displayed in the 'Preview' box.

    3. In the 'Available Alpha' list, double-click 'New Channel', or highlight 'New Channel', and click 'OK'.
    - The 'New Channel' dialog box opens.

    4. Name the new selection.

    5. Click 'OK'.
    - PSP will save the selection to the alpha channel and close both dialog boxes.

    PSP 8 (and later):

    1. Make a selection in the image.

    2. Selections -> Load/Save Selections -> Save Selection to Alpha Channel opens the 'Save Selection to Alpha Channel' dialog.
    - The 'Add to document' drop-down list displays the image name and below it are any alpha channels in the image.

    3. To edit the default name for the new alpha channel, type a new name in the 'Name' edit box.

    4. Click 'Save'.
    - The selection is saved to the alpha channel.


    PSP 7: Activate mask then Masks -> Save To Alpha Channel

    PSP 8 (and later): Activate mask then Layers -> Load/Save Mask -> Save Mask To Alpha Channel

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    thank you very much, WTE_Galway, perfect

    cheers fruitbat

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