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    I don't really know; they just look cool
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    the record book is in the room where you go back down follow the red trail of red stuff using eagle vision then enter very slowly only enough to slide on the wall and its in the corner
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    The Red Trail that leads from the villa to the fountain in front isn't there when Desmond goes to fix the power outlets, it shows up later on... does anyone know what it's about?
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    Jo guys i hove someone can help me cause i don't know what to do anymore. im also in the villa auditore and im on 12% when i start the game. i found al the artefacts the book with use of the youtube movie but the game is loading as ezio and then i become desmond downstairs with te animus and the statues of altair and others

    but when i re enter the anmius im getting out and got right back where i was.

    im uploading a film made with my telephone so you can see
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    I think the red trail is from moving the Animus 2.0 and equipment inside...maybe? Thanks for all the info on the artifacts! ^_^
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    Think the red trail is simply there for you to follow should you need to get back to the villa quickly. At least that's what I use it for lol
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    How do you find them if you have already finished the game? :/
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    Thanks, people, I found box, cape and belt easily and got the sword fairly quickly by chance, but I couldn't find the book.

    I like how the objects were in meaningful places, Maria's box was atop her room, Claudia's book was inside the house, Mario's sword was, I believe, where had fallen and, while I'm not sure why the Medici cape was in the church, I think I can guess why Ezio's belt was found at the brothel.
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