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    all i wanna say UBISOFT please,please. please make another Naruto Game Please, cuz im dyin here. i tried to get my friends and family to like naruto storm 2 but its not working.

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    there is comming a new naruto game its called : naruto shippuuden: ultimate ninja storm generations, its from naruto to naruto shippuuden with the raikage and such

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    Hello, I'm form Poland and I also would like a new Naruto game from ubisoft. The game series Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 have a good jutsu animations but ubisoft free roaming from what I see great. Also I would like ubi to make a Naruto game multiplatform, xbox360, ps3 maybe pc? I wish you all the best, regards

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    I completely agree with idea that this game should be made. First you should play through the naruto storyline which would unlock this and story modes for each charachter no bull side missions starting off basically from rise of ninja to the end of shippuden. Now with your own charachter starting of by choosing which time period you can either play through the story in the regular naruto time or you can fast foward a few years. You can also choose your villaqe and choosing from a existing clan or a made up one nt to take that overboard but give them boost in strength or speed or something. Or you could be from the existing clan even one that died out such as the kaguya clan (kimimaro) you can choose your gender and your teamates, squad captain existing or created. hair,outfit,headband style,skin complexion,taped up like zabuza and neji or sleeve like kakkashi or net like anko and hinata, voice, personality types, could become evil like the old gaara or good guy like naruto. starting off at the academy going through five different test naruto history questions, shuriken throwing and one on one combat etc.. not easy stuff either if you pass first time through you can graduate the earliest age 5 like kakashi or 6 like jiraiya or 7 like itachi regardless these test will determin your starting skills you will then go on missions accordingly d-s rank depending on your skill and sucess rate of mission. Once you have completed the neccisary balance of mastering justu and building relationship you may be recommended for the chunin exams this event will rotate through all the hidden villages. Depending on performance you could become a chunnin or stay a gennin none the less this makes for everything counts. You will have the option of building relationship or tearing them down start a family and have kids like in fable. You could have the option of joining organizations such as akatsuki,anbu,or seven swordsmen or the mist free roam like in rise of ninja but bigger and better being able to have the whole naruto universe at your disposal and the graphics and fighting engine maybe like red fraction. The ability to become a rogue ninja if your not strong enough you die period lol also you grow older day by day month by month year by year. choose your nindo ninja way you could have a sibling and be a tag team duo like the demon brothers or have a older brother younger brother relationship like sasuke and itachi have a choice of being the itachi or the sasuke. The choice of being a jinchuriki or not, and certain bijus give extra abilities like the shukkaku giving gaara the sand defense and the sanbi's mist to confuse and make enemies attack each other but another of my ideas about using them is you have your health and charkra bar and they have theirs all of the users will have the cloak go up to nine tails then transform into their respective bijus go through training to be able to control it. You could go all out an commit a coup de'tat and try to take over by force or just work your way up to become the kage as the kage you could mend bonds make peace and or you could do what we all wanna do start wars cause a lil chaos have the ability to take other countries bijus or have a option to have them roaming in the wild having to find them if you choose that option it would be just like with the three tails. Have the ability to unlock special things such as the rinnegan not limited to any village recover sage of six paths weapons from the gold and silver brothers. be able to expierament to bring clans back or make them like with orochimaru making yamato with the 1st hokage dna and your own bingo book that if you happen to find and beat that ninja u get paid. The fighting sequence will be two different styles the story mode will be more like fallout if u encounter a enemy you fight there no switching scenes your teamates can attack as they will unless you tell them not to. While if you choose fight in the game menu it would still have the same fighting engine but the arenas will be more ultimate ninja storm 2. AND NOT just a computer game place it on all cosoles. Free-roam in any village you choose to come from and to and from the whole geography of the naruto universe all the lands when i say all of them imean all of them. from a true naruto fan

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    Ubisoft just listen to the people: You are the best! You made it! A true Naruto Game! I fall in love with the Rise of a Ninja and the Broken Bond game. Please, could you make more?

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