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    First, I like the game, however need help or have issues of the following:

    I have a difficult time hitting with torps is a guide to better understand when you have "good shot"?

    Do I need to know if any targets are about 1000 miles away? Or Accounce friendily target as though they were enemy

    Blind A.I. running aground or coliliding you woud think crews would avoid objects.
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    Hitting something is a major concern for any UBoat Kaleun (Captain-Leutnant). The best place to start is with options set to easy and do the 'education' missions. this will get you more comfortable with your surroundings. Once you're happy you can start installing the 'Mods', which are adjustments to the STOCK game that have made it more realistic - consult the 'STICKY' topics in the forums for more info.

    1000 miles away. no but keep it in mind, that convoy should be around in 2 weeks 'be sure' .
    Usually 500 miles with the right direction should be the limit of your convoy concerns.

    Blind AI, yes they are, are they not - This a code problem - we live with it

    We like all foreigners - We have no problems with them ??
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    Don't save and re-load a game near a port. That should take care of the problem...
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    Originally posted by K_Freddie:
    no but keep it in mind, that convoy should be around in 2 weeks 'be sure' .
    What!? Another "expected IL-2 patch release"?

    One of my favorite lines in "O' Brother Where Art Thou?":
    "Well isn't this the geographical anomally! 2 weeks away from anywhere in the world!"

    @ rs4fun67
    Welcome aboard!
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