I bought this game for PC, why?

Because i tried the demo, and it runs very good on PC, i noticed it was optmized and it wasnt a poor port from consoles.

And i liked the demo so much , graphics are stunning i loose my self lookieng at the threes and the surroundings, water..... beatiful...

gameplay is good and fun...

So i bought it, and im loving it every second of it.

The game contente is huge, im doing the NAVI campagain now... and i have 8 HR of game and still not finish the campagain.

The missions are fun, the world is beautiful, is very fun to ride the banshees and other creatures, sound is great.... the levels are HUGE... lots of different ways to achieve the objective.

I dont know why the reviews for this game were so low, really.

I give an 8,9/10 to this game!