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    Yes hi all its a while been busy working and training people. I have not played the game in a while and just started playin agian,And I luv it again. My question is where can i get the duck log that was on the spitefires that the AVG flew in.Then I will post my plane pic. Help me dudes.
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    Any more info mate, I have sh+t loads of Spitfire books, with a little help I may be able to help you back
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    yes its the duck that has boxing gloves on.You know "put your duxs up" it was on the nose of the spits. In 41 I believe.Hope this helps if not I will do some digin.
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    You mean the eagle squadrons?
    they had a fighting eagle logo, I think it was used by Don Gentile.

    **Edit Heres a good shot to photochop

    or possible they Donald Duck used on a polish MkV from 303 Sqn

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    The one that he refers to is the Lower pic that you posted Phase.

    My history on the AVG is spotty at best, but I don't think they ever used that.

    Maybe someone could ask ChuckOlder to make sure,he would better than anyone else here on the Ubizoo.

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    donald duck was the personal emblem of the C/O of No. 303 (Polish) Squadron - S/Ldr. Jan Zumbach. His aircraft, Spitfire Mk. VB BM144 is very well known Known as Johann because of his Swiss parentage, he was also nicknamed 'Donald Duck', because he had a sloping nose, upturned at the tip, that reminded people of Donald Duck’s bill. Zumbach's combat record started already in the September 1939 defence campaign in Poland, then continued in France and during the Battle of Britain. IN 1941 he became the leader of the famous 303 Sqn. By 1942 his scoreboard was 12 and 1/3 kills, 4 probables and 1 damaged aircraft. He survived the war and died in 1986 in France

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