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    Hey Guys and Gals,

    Back in 1.02 i recall a camera view from an A-10 training mission, where as soon as you pickled your weapon it went straight to the view of the weapon either falling of firing. Does anybody know the key combination for that? I have looked through all the keys, the only one i could find that might be some what close to what i need is the "Weapon to Target view- cntrl-F6" But that is not what it was. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. S!

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    In FC 1.11, "F6" is missile/bomb view.

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    Lol. Thanks Glowing. Think i should have been more specific. It was a toggle view. F6 is used after the bomb or missile has been released. The view i am talking about is something you can push say at the beginning of your flight and and everytime you release your weapon it goes straight to the view without you pushing F6 to take you directly there. I hope this makes sense. I think i confused myself on that one.

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    Ctrl F6


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    Thanks Drako, ill give it a shot. S!

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    I now exactly what you are talking about. Its the weapons release view which is CTRL and Key pad + at least in Flamming Cliffs. I'll double check it when I get a chance. If it works, try firing gun once.........

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    Thanks Sepdawg, That is Exactly what i was looking for. Thanks so much.

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