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    The ACR Options menu has something called "Stereoscopy". I can't find any info on it. Default is set to Off, but then there's the option os Inficolor, Side By Side, or Top Bottom. I'm confused as to what this is. I see 3D strength below too. I assume that's for these special glasses that let you see 3D on a 2D screen. Please someone let me know what to do with "Stereoscopy". I can't start playing until I know what it is.
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    Im pretty sure that's just stuff for the 3D, kinda like on Arkham City, I think they have it to where you play it in 3D on a non 3D tv. But you need the special glasses.
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    That was my only idea too, part of the special 3D thing. Thanks for the quick replies and the link to the other topic. It was spelled wrong which is why I didn't find it. Steroscopy is only useful if you have special 3D glasses and a non 3D TV I guess. This thread can be locked now, but a sticky related to it may need to be created in case other gamers are as confused as I was.
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    Just to let anyone else know, Stereoscopy refers to any 3d. It usually only refers to 3D TVs, but in this case, it is also referring to the new method of playing 3D games on a non-3D tv with special glasses. Some 3D tvs need you to specify what kind of 3d to use, so unless you're playing in 3D, these options aren't important.
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