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Thread: Will RUSE be open for mods? | Forums

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    I didn't hear anything about mods for RUSE. Are there any infos?
    Changing the toy-like unit-colours for example would be sweet.

    Only thing I heard is that a mapeditor is upcoming, which would be a smart start.

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    i would love to have "reaslism" mod
    but since tanks have the same armor value all around and not weaker side/rear than front etc i dont think it is going to happen.

    over all the thing doesnt seem very mod friendly, no mapping tools or anything out.

    highly unlikely for mods to appear.

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    I think someone made a mod of hacked the system or something but I had recon ALL around my base and someone I was facing got passed ALL my defense and my units and recon didn't see the enemy units.....but if there are mods please make one to double your units

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