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    I Have my game dont save the GRAPHICS proformans when i exit from the game and when i enter agian i see it restart to low also i make it on high berfore i quit and i setup patch 1.02 and have the same problem
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    I also experience the same problem yet UBI support really sucks. They haven't solve my problem and give me solutions which are not even in the scope of the problem. I have this problem since I bought the game at launch.

    P.S., no offense intended, just voicing out my frustration...
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    it is very annoying problem and i hate to do that every time i enter the game Please if any one know how to solve this problem help us
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    any one know how to solve this problem
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    - update your windows via windows update
    - install latest directx:
    -update gpu and sound card drivers
    If these doesn't help go to folder where the game is installed do for acbsp.exe and acbmp.exe this:
    If you are using windows vista or 7 or 8: click file with right mouse button, choose "properties", "compatibility" and check checkbox "run this program as an administrator".

    Bring me more info if these doesn't help.
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