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    Been away for awhile...

    So anyway I finally continued my career lastnight after a brief hiatus. It's March, '42 and my S-32 is patrolling Makassar Strait north of Balikpapan when the crew see's smoke on the horizon. So I begin an approach. At 5300 yds I make out the steamer to be flying - the french flag. So I secure from battle stations and take her in for a closer look. At 3100 yds, I'm surprised when this steamer opens fire with tracers pointed in my direction. I'm confused but pull the plug to get out of the way of gunfire. No damage taken. I'm at periscope depth mulling this strange occurence when it dawns on me: France capitulated to Germany in 1940 - what on earth is this French steamer sailing towards I am assuming Balikpapan, A Japanese held port? Ok, all bets off I open range, surface and do an end-around. Once in position I put 2 M10's into her port quarter, crippling the steamer.. she sinks about 20 minutes later. I note where my log reports the sinking of an neutral cargo and my chart shows a 'green' sinking icon.

    Hmmm, since I've yet to return to base, what repercussions do you feel awaits me? I'm ready to argue with top brass should they yank my command.
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    Get yourself a lawyer. A good one.


    "Dog down the hatches and take her deep boys!"
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    lol.. yeah, somehow I was telling myself I should have left well enough alone. Ah well, I'll have the radio op. send a coded message asking for 'legal assistance'.

    I think it's funny how after sending a status report of my deeds, I received a radio message from base:

    "Be advised, Japanese aircraft operating around vicinity."

    as if that was indication of bad karma.
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    Next time just surface and man the deck gun. That will trigger the French surrender reflex and the ship will sink. You get the pleasure of seeing it sink but none of the blame for shooting.
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    I've never had a neutral ship fire at me and often have got close to them, but then again never ran into a French one.
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    Okay update..

    I returned to port and much to my satisfaction was either offered a desk job in Annapolis or return to the S-32 for one more patrol. Of course I chose to return to my crew and take out my boat for another patrol. I did however receive a window telling me I had lost all my renown - fair enough trade I figured considering the circumstances.

    MWolfe: yes, I was dumbfounded just as well when the steamer started lobbing tracers in my direction, at first thinking it was a screen or program glitch, but realized it must be real deal when I saw water splashes near my boat. I've always approached neutral ships before to ascertain their disposition but never until now received fire in return.

    Heck, I must have made a hundred glimpses at this steamer thinking I misidentified the flag, but nope, sure enough the 'blue, white, red, vertical stripes of the French flag'.
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    bloody french....
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    I've never had a neutral ship fire at me and often have got close to them, but then again never ran into a French one.
    Yeah, that's why they would never make good football fans. They root for whoever holds the lead during the game. Likewise, their foreign policy. They ally themselves with whatever seems to be (in their minds) the most popular idealism at the moment. They need to understand that foreign policy, diplomacy and loyalty are not like trends in the latest fashions or wines. They seem to persist in the mindset of WWII Vichyism. I have grown increasingly suspicious of them over the past 3 decades. I think there will be some interesting, but unfortunate, developments in store for that indecisive country in the not so distant future. Only time will tell.
    He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.
    -Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NIV84)
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    The French military after the Germain installment of the Vichy Government were Germain Allies. That's why they fired at you. The game dosent understand the situation. Next time avoid them.

    In Operation Torch the US forces were fired on briefly by the Vichy French.

    We never declared war on or was declared war to the USA by Vichy French.

    Cheers, Sixpk
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