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    hey guys im getting me new 8800gts tomorrow so can anyone recommend the best drivers to run with the 8800 for this game?

    Currently using a 6600gt with drivers 178.24

    Will these drivers be good for the 8800?

    I know all about removing drivers etc just want the best drivers for 8800 and il2.

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    For my Nvidia card (a GTX 260) I generally just try to get the most recent drivers that are not beta. People on message boards always get excited about the newest betas but I always find they are glitchy or make games unplayable.

    Right now I'm using 185.85 I believe.

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    With my 8800 GT I found the best driver under XP was the 178.24, some of the 18x.xx drivers would cause errors and freezes. With Vista the 8800 GT doesn't seem as picky about the newer drivers and I use the latest non-beta driver.

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    My 8800GTS/320Mb ran best on the NVIDIA Optimized Driver 1.16369, but as you are getting a new one, it'll probably run fine with 185.85.
    (Got me a GTX260, trying it out currently, not sure yet whether I'll keep it...)

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    185.85 drivers so far work best with Vista.

    I highly recomend doing a clean driver install though, so uninstall the drivers and use a driver cleaner if needed to get rid of every last bid of the old ones, than reboot the system with out the nvidia drivers, let Vista set its own drivers and reboot again, than install 185.85 drivers.

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    Am running the 185.85 drivers with my Rig. And absolutely incredible as it may seem. IL2'46 is the best thing I can run so well? Result!

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    Why an 8800... why not at least a 9800... or a 250... ? Just curious.

    You could get a 9800GTX+ for @ $20 more.. a better card.

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    Well since you asked because a friend is sending it to me for free, 123_spider in fact, so massive thanks to him!

    Plus i hear it ain't too bad a card and the 9800 is just a rebranded 8800 with slightly higher clock speeds, with minimal difference in 3dmark results at Toms Hardware....

    Thanks for the replys everyone, i have the latest drivers downloaded and ready!

    Now the angry part, it was sent by Royal Mail 1st class post LAST THURSDAY and isn't even here yet, 1st class is supposed to be 1-2 days

    How hard is it to move an object from one place to another, it's not like they havn't had any practice

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