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    so is this getting a fix? i can never ever find a game when i hit the play now button. just stays in loading screen and when i try to exit out it just does nothing.

    and it takes forever to find a match when i just hit player match. takes a good 15 minutes just to find 6 players.

    i love this game but ubisoft really needs to do something about this awful matchmaking

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    I second this thread, and trying to play with friends is impossible for myself.

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    Hopefully this will help when it comes out

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    I have no probs getting a game at all and im also on PS3.

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    I haven't had many problems, but they have announced the matchmaking is a known issue and being worked on.

    Dig through the countless other threads on matchmaking.

    The devs are working on a fix which should be improving things on both consoles.

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