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Thread: From Dust is on STEAM! Why do I need Uplay? | Forums

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    I bought From Dust because I've played the original Populous, saw the trailer, and noticed that it was rather cheap.

    However, I instantly regretted it:

    It's available on Steam only, yet the first thing that happens is that the game appears to patch outside of Steam! (I say "appear" because a very cryptic window is shown with some sort of patching progress indicator without any information as to what is going on.)

    Then, I get to a login screen. What? Why? I have already logged in to Steam. I have my friends on Steam! If I didn't see that my Steam friends had already bought this game, I wouldn't know that it was released.

    I just don't understand this.

    Then I see a news screen. Again, Steam already has one of those! Sure, Ubisoft seems to present some sort of Twitter feed that perhaps Valve doesn't allow, but it still feels weird.

    If you go through the trouble of releasing a game on Steam, why not utilize the platform fully and integrate the game properly?

    I know what this feels like now! It feels like t is the eqvivalent of bloatware on a newly purchased laptop or mobile phone.

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    You need Uplay because Ubisoft apparently doesn't trust that the Steam platform is robust enough to prevent you from stealing the game.

    It's total BS, and is one of the reasons why I have requested a refund.

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    @kjolnir, QFT. I can't believe they said it would have one-off activation after which point you can play offline every time thereafter. Once I've confirmed that that isn't the case at all, I'm going to request a refund as well, since we were provided false information prior to the game's release. ==

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    I see now that this game is also available on something called "Gamer's Gate".

    I wasn't aware of this, and I guess that's the reason that Ubisoft feels like they need to push their branding on us customers regardless of what platform we chose to buy it on (choosing to buy THEIR games isn't enough, apparently).

    If this is the future of PC gaming, congratulations, you've made me stick to indie titles.

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    How the hell "Uplay" even works? I don't care if I run it through that or steam. I just want to play it.

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    Originally posted by tadpole666:
    How the hell "Uplay" even works? I don't care if I run it through that or steam. I just want to play it.
    Uplay is used to verify that you own the game, and is used to keep track of your games progress and your Uplay points so that you can buy bonus DLC with Uplay points. You get these Uplay points by unlocking achievements by playing the game.

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    So.. I would have to get into the game for uplay to work? WTF. I got it from steam and it gives me the "Connection lost" error. What a bunch of balls

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    And all this so I could get some crappy "achievements" nobody gives 2 bleeps about?

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    Originally posted by tadpole666:
    And all this so I could get some crappy "achievements" nobody gives 2 bleeps about?
    No, all this so you can get free DLC on any new Ubisoft game.

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    Well whoppe frigging doo. Uplay isn't even starting when I start From Dust through steam or just through /steamapps/common/from_dust.exe

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