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    Back to desktop every few minutes

    Hello everyone,

    I have tried to play From Dust, but every few minutes, the game reduce itself and put me back to the desktop. I have to re-clik on the game for the game to be playable again. This is really infuriating, has somebody already encountered something like this ?
    This game is great, and I would love the be able to play it in good condition.

    My configuration
    i7 920
    Radeon HD5850
    8GB of RAM
    Double Screen (one Dell 1920x1200 and one Belinea 1600x1200)
    Keyboard, mouse and Xbox gamepad - playing with Gamepad.

    I hope than someone will be able to help !
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    Ubi-MoshiMoshi's Avatar Community Representative
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    Hi, please open a ticket with our Technical Support team, the link is in my signature.
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    Thanks ! It's done !
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