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Thread: will Lock On ever be ready for running with Windows 7? | Forums

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    I'm in the process of getting a new system. And its going to run Windows 7 operating syst... My favorite game on my desktop is Lock On 1.12. I wish so bad I could take it with me to this new level in desktop computers...

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    It does work. Go to and download the Windows 7 driver.

    Also the "Run as admin" thing that Vista rtequires is no different for W7.

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    Nov 2003
    Thanks.. I am coming from XP O/S so I was not aware of that...Thanks again.

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    Another option is to install virtual XP on Win7
    that way you allso can run older programs then Lockon.

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    There is no need for that,just update star force.Win 7 is great!

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    I am unfamiliar with star force. Why do I need it and where do I go on their site to find the patch?


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    Hmm.....Does flaming cliffs 2 also have problems running on Windows 7 without a speacial driver?? Because this game is so full of bugs that its pi$$ing me off and I'm about to chuck it in the trash can!

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    Wait...Why would you have to go to an outside source to get the drivers for this game?? Doesn't Ubisoft have drivers? If not...Why? Windows7 has been out now for some time and the information on it has been available to companies like Ubisoft for 2 or 3 years now. Maybe all the bad stuff I have been hearing about Ubisoft is true.

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    Ubi has not done a damn thing to support this game since the 1.02 patch.

    The latest version is something like 2.01-- That's 2 whole paid add-ons.

    You all really need to move on to the real LOMAC / DCS forum. Ubi abandoned this years ago.

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    Hallelujah....... I am just getting back into gaming and I use to love this game, LOMAC! I just finished building a really great gaming machine running Win7 OS Home Premium. After I received my two CD/DVD's for LOMAC Platinum + Flaming Cliffs 2 I was really chuffed about getting back. Unfortunately, nothing would load and I tried everything I knew, then began reading this forum and others about Win7 compatibility issues. Nothing looked hopeful and nor worked following the few recommendations either! I went to attempt to run my machine in a Win XP environment only to find that Home Premium doesn't allow you and Win7 Professional is the lowest version that allows this. Well I got my upgrade in and very early this morning tried to make the upgrade. Again, nada, nothing, nicht.......shoot! Well I rang the Microsoft help line for assistance. After about 40 mins of frustration the darn upgrade would not load. I mentioned LOMAC to the tech and found he was also a gamer and found LOMAC interesting and actually agreed to see what might be going on with loading it. Believe it or not, what he had me do to hopefully load my upgrade worked perfectly for loading both LOMAC and Flaming Cliffs 2.
    Basically, go to Start and type into the search box: msconfig and hit Enter. When the dialog box opens under the General tab, click on Selective startup. Then click on the Services tab. In this dialog box click the Hide all Microsoft services box and the Disable all box. Finally, click on the Startup tab. When this dialog box opens click on the Disable all box. To complete all of this click on Apply and then OK and close out to get you back to your desktop. If your Win7 machine works like mine you will be rewarded with LOMAC and Flaming Cliffs 2 loading perfectly. You shouldn't have to load the DirectX options as your system should be up to date.
    I really am beside myself that this game finally has loaded just fine and I can get back to flying this awesome game.

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