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    btw - website i'm referring to is

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    website i'm trying to log on to is

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    Still down this morning

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    Problem resolved now. Seems it was a fault with my ISP (VirginMedia) - thus why there's a message at the log on screen now!!!

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    The Settlers Online is a free-to-play, browser-based, strategy MMO centering on the theme of empire building. As the web version of the pervasive PC game The Settlers of the Ubisoft, The Settlers Online is of more convenience for those who love online strategy warfare game yet loathe requirements on computer configuration or subscription fee.
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    Where can we submit feedback for online beta of Settlers?

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    Game interesting. Peculiar.
    But administration in general horror. At many mistakes because of what they get out can't come into game or an adventure.

    Mistakes exist on a floor of year. Also can't solve it at all. All address to those. support emptiness.

    Who began council begin.

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    Settlers Online Login

    I recently started playing thesettlersonline on the \en servers. Due to the nature of my job I travel frequently for extensive periods of time outside of my country's original account server and now when I try to login I am directed to the Russian version of the game which 1. I cannot read and 2. I cannot login. Is it not possible to access my account while traveling?

    Thank you in advance!

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    I also like this, but Poland. Happily only 2-3 times.

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