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Thread: A new Rayman game | Forums

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    The Ubisoft company should make a new Rayman game called Rayman Retro. It should be a 3 disc/game card game with 3 games (Rayman 1, Rayman 2:The Great Escape, and Rayman Rush). This game of 3 should be for Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 2, PC, Sony PSP, and Nintendo DS. This game should move Rayman with both the D-Pad and Analog Stick. In the Wii Version all the 3 Rayman games in this game should use a Wii Nunchuk, a Wii Classic Controller, and a Nintendo GameCube Controller. Rayman 1 should be made to hold the Wii Remote sideways. All 3 Rayman games in this game should have mini-games and alot of levels. Rayman Rush should have online multiplayer. In Rayman 1 Space Mama should dance on all systems Rayman Retro are for.

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    That's a great idea! But why rayman rush, it should be rayman m/arena because rush only has races and arena has fights as well as races. There is also a rumor that there will be a rayman trilogy hd remake on PS3. It would be pretty cool to have those 3 games on my wii though, Rayman 2 and Rayman M don't work on my PC.

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    The PS2 is practically dead.

    You silly kids with your silly ideas :P

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    Hey that is not true , I bought a ps2 this year and it is clearly still fun and they are still selling games for it . I bought the Crash Bandicoot Triple Action pack and the Mortal Kombat Kollection for it and my bro bought like 2 guitar hero games for it .

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    I don't really care if it is on PS2 or not.

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    Since PS2 is old it shouldn't be on PS2 and I'll let the UbiSoft company replace Rayman Rush with Rayman Arena/M and also add Rayman 3:Hoodlum Havoc and Rayman Retro will have 4 games instead.It shouldn't be for PC either.Rayman Arena and Hoodlum Havoc shouldn't use a GameCube controller because these 2 Rayman games are already on GameCube.

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    I think that's better.

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    By dead I mean nearly commercially dead, let's face it, at least here most if not all PS2s are bought second hand from now on.

    Besides there's a rumour flying around about a Rayman HD trilogy collection on the PS3, if that's so AND it's well done [ie not glitchy] people would be more likely to buy that.

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    Why anyone would want a game to be released on the PS2 in 2011 is beyond me.

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    It's pretty much confirmed that PS2 games are not going to be produced anymore. Games like FIFA have already a last edition planned for the PS2. I think FIFA 11 is the last one to be released on the PS2.

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