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    Hi all

    Below you will find previously stickied threads for your perusal and as and when any new threads suitable for this listing come along one of us will update this thread with the link and info

    Note: When updating this thread we will also update the date info in the title so you will know if it contains new info since your last viewing.

    HAWX 2

    HAWX 2 Dev Q&A

    New Trailer

    HAWX 2 Latest News and Screen Shots [Updated 26th May]

    X360 & PS3 - Post-patch bug reports and feedback

    OFFICIAL: PC Feedback/Bug Report

    HAWX 2 Feedback and Bug reports


    Full HAWX video walkthrough

    HAWX - The Video Stunt Thread

    HAWX VIP section - Get 2 free aircrafts!: Exclusive content

    Official: HAWX Reviews

    Flight Stick (and other peripheral) Information!

    Official Squad Thread

    H.A.W.X developer's blog(HAWX help section revealed - 5 March)

    H.A.W.X community websites

    Community Q&A (updated 06.05.2009)
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