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    GT: mag sithlord008 - Will get full game when it comes out. I am really enjoying the beta. PLease if you see me in your group, feel free to give me pointers. THX!

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    PSN: meisjen26

    Girl gamer here...I'm looking for someone to play this casually so I can develop my skills. Compared to everyone else who lives and breathes shooters, I'd consider myself a noob. So if you are too serious and will have a heart attack if you lose a few times please don't add me. I'm trying to learn the game, thanks.

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    PSN: wedman44

    I'm getting tired of playing with randoms!!

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    GT TheDon101 HouTx

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    Junior Member KoreaMostWanted's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
    From Latitude 33.45 Longitude 84.23
    PSN: Korea_MostWanted

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    GT: Jed1Master97

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    Junior Member OGRazer's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Looking for serious players with mics and has good communication!! Add me and leave a MSG saying your from here. If razer's list is full add the other names because those are my other friends who play this game. Thank you!!
    PSN: UltimateRazer
    PSN: ImSoThrowed
    PSN: YGT24
    P.S we also play Uncharted 3!

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    Member AlexEzio89's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    bucharest ( romania)
    my gametarg for xbox: alex ezio89

    if you like to play with me ghost recon ac revelations ,etc fifa max payne 3 etc etc

    i play with you when game is release in 25 may and max payne 3 next week i have in day 1

    have i nice day

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    Sometimes I cant beat the other team by myself. I'm alone out there.

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    Junior Member FLIGHTRE's Avatar
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    May 2012
    Add me on xbox guys! Getting full game.

    XBL : Tobi Lerone

    Played a few ghost recon titles in past but my past is with socom games. Seeing as they have dropped the ball I hope ghost recon can take it's place!
    Looking forward to playing!

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