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    Solution for Steam Users

    The above solution does not work in steam because you have to launch the game through steam. In order to get around it I right-clicked on the game in my steam library, selected properties, and added the launch option -clear. Worked like a charm.

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    Any solutions without restarting the game?
    I'm still Lv. 50 and my savegame has been broken yesterday afternoon and all my fighters and bombers are locked except of my dlc 5 content.
    I can use all my supports and passivs but no F-18E Super Hornet for example, just the F-86 Sabre, F-4E, MiG-15, Mig-21, Mig-23, Mig-25, Mirage IV P, Su T-50, Su-25, the 2nd-skin version of A-10A, Eurofighter-2000, Su-35BM, the 3rd-skin version of F-35 and F-22, that's all...
    I can't get any XP to to unlock the missing fighters again.
    I don't really want to play the whole story again and I don't wanna loose my savegame (Lv. 50 and so on).
    Does anyone know an other solution...?

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    check my post

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    Anyone can help me, the game starts, when I start a new game the video shows the mission and in the middle of the video comes out to start the game menu and did not show any error please help me.

    Alguien me puede ayudar, el juego inicia bien, cuando voy a iniciar una nueva partida el muestra el video de la mision y en la mitad del video se sale al menu inicio del juego y no me muestra ninguna error por favor ayudenme.

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    Theres two things you need to do stupid online games pain in the you know what. First make sure you are starting the game in offline mode. Then go to tools in the you play start up screen for your game and deselect proxy. Game should work and you can continue playing the story missions. If not reinstall then make sure befor you push play on U play screen you are in offline mode and make sure you deselect proxy in tools. Let me know if it works did for me.

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    Oh yea make sure you Unistall befor you reinstall.

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    worked great thanks

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