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    Hi, I bought R.U.S.E. a couple of days ago, and I was all fired up... I´m three missions away to complete the campaign mode and I was happy to discover the Uplay reward system... Like I said "was". With my credits Ive unlocked the Super Pershing Tank and the Golden Chips, later on I went to see the content in-game but it wasnt there. Ive been searching for ways to solve this issue but with no success so far. I´m getting quite disappointed on the game, and the Uplay system. As I noticed this isnt only a problem for me, so Ive followed pretty much all to possible ways to solve it - reisntalled the game, followed the steps mentioned by BOT-MAN... but nothing works. One of the posts Ive found said "Ubisoft will be transitioning the hosting of many of its online services from a third-party data center to a new facility" - does this mean that after that transition Uplay system will work properly?
    Sorry about the long text, but I needed to "speak my mind".

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    Quote Originally Posted by BOT-MAN View Post
    Please follow the following procedure in order to completely delete the reward and accredit back again:

    "Please find folder "userdata" in which you should be able to find folders named "70317939" and "21970".

    In folder "21970" you should find another two folders named "local" and "remote". Please open "local" folder and then you should be able to find a file called "PROFILE.ruse". Once you find it, please copy this file to your desktop, and delete it from the folder. DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE FROM YOUR DESKTOP !!!

    Next please go to the folder called "remote", in which you will find the file called "profile.ruse". Please copy the file to your desktop, and delete it from the folder. DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE FROM YOUR DESKTOP !!!"
    this doesn't help me, i still don't have the rewards and stil have level 100. i moved both files to the desktop and didn't delete them.
    do you any other way i can get it unlocked ?

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