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    Hi people,

    Just got the game and I'm a complete addict. my fighting style is a mix between the D'artagnan and the Samuraï.

    I like to dance around my opponent but only to find the best spot to strike a powerful blow. I take great pleasure in carrying out a finisher hidden move. Sometimes I just like to unleash fury and hit the enemy with all my strength.

    Physically in my living room, I move a lot and need a lot of space. Sometimes, I end up too close to the TV and it screws up my aiming with the remote so I'll have to adjust and keep my distance. My arm hurt the first few days. This is the first game ever to make me work up a sweat on the Wii. AWESOME!!!!

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    My style's called, "Dante", and it consists of juggling the enemies as often as possible. Literally. Throw the enemy in the air and chase them up there, deal as much damage as possible (gun or sword) then finish them on the way down. Or, throw them in the air and plast at them with any of the assortment of guns.

    Wonder if anybody else gets the reference

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    I have my own custom style,i constantly checki my health bar and i use my sword a small deal more than my guns,and depending on the enemy power i use a bigger gun and the move where you jump behind the enemy and then slask them once,if it's one of those guys that has a large warhammer i crack out my magnum and slash and shoot him in the back,and stun him with the dragon and the bear.

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    Im not sure exactly which category i would come under, what do you think?

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    I'm definitely the D'Artagnan, with a little cowboy thrown in (usually I pop them with gun-fire 'til they're in range, then go into a passive sword-play style). Given how often I encounter desynchronization between my movements and what the wii registers, I find that overly aggressive motions with the wii-mote tends to end in a loss of health, since the game can't keep up with the maneuvers I'm throwing at it. Therefore, I play conservative with my motions and look for key strikes and brief, weak flurries of blows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harlux View Post
    Im not sure exactly which category i would come under, what do you think?
    i'd say that you're a gamer. you don't watch your health bar that i can tell and you certainly don't do 100 percent finishes.

    my fighting style is also a gunslinger/gamer. i use guns to get headshots when i can but when jackals with swords step on to the scene like to use combos seldom looking at my healthbar in the proccess. the combos i typically use are the eagle and the rush. when there's a big bill i'll try to make headshots but when close up i like dash behind him and make strongs attacks at the x on his back. whenever i can however i'll shoot at the x.
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    Its been years. But Ive played red steel II periodically throughout.

    Heh, Ive bought it twice now. 2 year old got a hold of it and ground the disc face down in what must have been sandpaper. Resurfacer couldnt sace it. But I bought it again, because their is no other game in existance that plays like this, and the play is awesome. Its 2012, and I still play this just to get that red steel 2 gameplay buzz.

    I dont know if you have a category for me., I used to be a gamer. Especially for not finishing an enemy to rack up cash.

    But I have long since graduated to something else.

    I attempt, to the best of my ability, to never use the same finisher twice in a row. I purposefully eave my sword and ammo un upgraded. I NEVER want an enemy to die from a depleted lifebar. I definately have a bushido blade vibe going on now. Attacks are only for exposing weaknesses. And the moment the enemy flinches they are dispached. I never overpower opponents guard by bashing. I either attack an undefended area, manuever to a better spot, switch enemies, or use a power. The ram is acceptable for breaking guards, as is the reaper, or anything thats not just me banging away. Has no rythm.

    I dont typically block, because I dont typically get hit, by blade or bullet. I use the dash feature to weave effortlessly through combatants blades and gunfire,

    I no longer kill enemies one at a time. I Kill the entire attacking force in one smooth nonstop combo.

    I start off looking for an opening. Typically from a gunman or unarmoured swordsman not paying attention, and I usually shoot them in the knee, at which point I dash across the screen, and swing left, activating the hilt knuckle duster finisher, If Im in the middle of a group of enemies I use the storm, if not I use the matador, the shot, or the rush, I try to never use the same move twice in a row, or in the entire combo. I change wea[pons to keep the shot finishers fresh instead of repetitive, I always use the hurricane behind you insta finish when it appears. Ninjas get shot stunned. The first shot is always dodged, but I always plant the second bullet right where their knee or head will appear without missing a beat.

    The end result is a smooth, nonstop rythm, a dance of death, often spanning across an entire area, and when I pull off a combo of no repeatson an enemy set of 6, 10 12 baddies, Its one of the craziest things I have ever seen in videogames.

    This game was amazing, but this generation was horrible. Never have I seen such a failure of potential. In the entire systems life, the wii has perhaps two games (red steel 2 and skyward sword) that fully utilize what I consider to be motion controls instead of ailivemoves horrible motion record feature (Not that ailive made a bad product, it was fantastic, but almost nobody used the good stuff! They used motion record, which would be called waggle by the players). Thats.... Sad, its horribly depressing. If this happened during the 32/64 bit gen wed still be using dpads as the main input.

    It cant end here. Not like this. I have been waiting for this since rend386 and its finally capable of happening but.... Doesnt. No, it cant end like this.

    The Wii u still utilizes motion control, Ubisoft has one of the most advanced motion control input recognition engines ever made, there must be a red steel 3. This franchise is waiting for its chance to be huge. It has the controls, it has the core gameplay,. It just needs its moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indy_83 View Post
    [I]t cant end like this.

    The Wii u still utilizes motion control, Ubisoft has one of the most advanced motion control input recognition engines ever made, there must be a red steel 3. This franchise is waiting for its chance to be huge. It has the controls, it has the core gameplay,. It just needs its moment.
    Agreed. I want Red Steel 3 nearly as badly as you. I'm just afraid it wouldn't be financially feasible for Ubisoft to just develop out of the blue. I'd like to see them at least release an upgraded RS2 on Wii U before giving up on the franchise, just to test the waters. If that works out, then maybe we'll get a true sequel. I believe there is hope for the series yet. Beyond Good and Evil was an even bigger flop, and it still saw an HD re-release and its sequel is currently under development.

    Here's a somewhat off-topic question for you, Indy. It's obvious from your post what direction you'd like the gameplay of a potential sequel to go in, but what about the story/world/artstyle? I was thinking that, given the massive directional shift between the first and the second, that a similarly divergent take might be neat for the third. Something like sci-fi or cyberpunk or swords and sorcery... with guns. Anything! What say you?
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