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    Originally posted by Eoweth:
    The global moderators have moderator status over all the Ubisoft forums while the "just moderator" have moderator status over a specific game's set of forums.

    For example Mr Shade is the UK forum manager, while Tully__ is a global moderator and Yooperbacker is moderator over just the Silent Hunter forums.

    So if someone's posting spam to Silent Hunter forums you can poke Yooper about it. If it's happening on a lot of different forums you could poke Tully to clean it up or if you wanted someone to "disappear, accidentally like" Mr Shade would be your man! Maybe?
    All moderators can make someone disappear, even a forum mod can ban people anywhere on the entire Ubi boards, they just can't clear up any spam or edit posts in other forums but their own, you need a global mod or a manager to do that.

    The managers admin controls allow mass deletion of a user's spam posts, the global mods have to do it on each post individually, and that's a lot of work. and I'm a lazy old git......

    <sub>I'm probably best at making people disappear, my age gives me the perfect excuse for forgetting to lift a temporary suspension, one of the few benefits of getting old</sub>....

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    Who needs to disappear ?

    I have an itch to scratch...
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