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    hi, to all of you i'm new here!(just got pandora tomorrow!)

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    hi, to all of you i'm new here!(just got pandora tomorrow!)

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    hi! welcome to the forums!!!! ...many SamFisher here!

    Sam infiltrating my backyard.
    Lambert: Holly Christ, Sam, what are you doing in stavpal's yard?
    Sam: oh, i thought this was the place they had hidden the NNDX-1335.
    Lambert: get out of there! Next time I'm putting you up for psych evaluation.

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    Hi Sam Fisher7! Welcome, there have been alot of new members coming recently (thats a good thing, im not complaining !) I hope you enjoy your time here.

    "We are agents of the free"

    Has Joined "The seek after Mike"

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    wellcome SF7.


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    805 kinda thinking these people arent exactly new (not saying you)


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    Well I got Fisher in my sig ... can I still be in the club? lol .. anyway, great to have you hear SamFisher7

    Fisher: "I need you to raise that sub."
    Technician: "Why?"
    Fisher: "Because hurting people ruins my sweet disposition."

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    Thanks Guys!

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    Hi Sam Fisher7, i'm new as well any help you need, don't turn to me. PROPER BAND FAN WILL DRESS AND BEHAVE LIKE THEM AND GO TO EVERY TOUR. I'M A PROPER FAN OF 'THE RASMUS'

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