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    Classified Sentry Build

    I have never used this build. I have tried finding builds on line but there are very few. Being I have collected all this Classified gear, if someone who knows this set could throw out a few suggestions as to spec into, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    I copied MarcoStyle's build. You can find him on YouTube. I don't do much PVP but I finally feel like I have a build that hits hard in the DZ.

    It doesn't have much useful skillpower but in a team it absolutely destroys PVE bosses. We did Stolen Signal and almost three-manned the water electrocution room.

    The only thing I did different from MarcoStyle was using enough HE Stamina + Health mods to unlock my talents and then using HE Firearms + Health mods for the rest instead of Purple mods - because I can't find any of the ones he uses.

    If you can't be bothered watching the video, it's basically:
    - Roll firearms for everything
    - Roll enemy armor damage for everything
    - Use MDR with Brutal and a hard hitting marksman - M700 or M44 with Brutal, Prepared and Elevated (in the case of the M700)
    - Headshot damage on most mods.
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