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    Beyond Good and Evil 2 fan project

    Hi all!

    So quick introduction, i'm Danny and i'm a third year Game Art student living in the Netherlands. When BGE2 got announced and the Space Monkey Program was started i was truly excited that they wanted to create a community around this game, for feedback, ideas and to share their work. So i started pitching these ideas to friends of mine, ideas for different cultures and how they could exist within this universe. They were going crazy of my chatter haha (they already were losing their minds because they needed hear me beg for a BGE2 for multiple years)

    And two months ago i was cleaning up my portfolio and brainstorming what kind of work i could add to it when it hit me. Why not make something BGE2 related, something that fits within this universe but comes from one of my ideas. I really want to apply for an internship at Ubisoft next year and while i'm aware that it's a low chance it can't hurt to at least try right? I mean, i would already be happy if i make the devs proud with this project haha.

    So i'm now getting to the point of this thread, two weeks ago i really started working on this, i did some work two months back but that was for a few days only due to me visiting my parents abroad and some responsibilities towards my study. I'm uploading all my work to Polycount so i can show my current progression and workflow and i could really learn and benefit from feedback from the community. I would love to hear what makes BGE, BGE for you! What kind of Easter eggs would you love to see and what works or doesn't work in your eyes? And kind of feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I want to do this amazing universe justice, so that's why i'm here haha.

    Link to the polycount post:

    I hope it's okay that i'm sharing this and if not please lock this thread (and i'm sorry xD)!
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    That is some serious work there.
    I would like easter eggs like the devs hidden throughout the game and maybe even the playtesters.
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    An Easter Egg I am thinking of would be like one of posters or announcements alluding to Humans and Hybrid-Hymans to move to new planets labeled as colony planets and mining planets like Hillys these could be put in a way that talks about opportunities in planets like this
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    Oh i like that idea! Definitely going to add that
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    Really good job dude! I would love to see more of it. And concerning easter eggs how about a tulip mania but in BGE universe? That would be hilarious
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    Originally Posted by ElPrimordial Go to original post
    Really good job dude! I would love to see more of it. And concerning easter eggs how about a tulip mania but in BGE universe? That would be hilarious
    Thanks man! And i love the tulip mania idea, def gonna note that one down! xD
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    I've updated the blog! So if you want to see progress you can go to my polycount. And if you have any feedback let me know! If you don't want to read all the text i will drop some screenshots down below of the current build/scene. Really love working on it, but i love the fact were getting a BGE2 even more hahaha.
    Preview 1:

    Preview 2:
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    Cool! I really like how Flevo world is evolving.

    And since astronomy is a very important subject in BGE, how about an astronomical observatory with an astronomer hybrid similar to Christiaan Huygens? Could be a stoat or a red deer or even a badger
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