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    ์Need advice to clear 'Clear Sky Heroic' under 10 min

    I'm try to do follow many guide video on youtube but my team can't doing well like that.

    Maybe me and team don't know the build their use or maybe we not have good tactic / timing to use link.

    So i'm need advice from you guy about build of team / gear and tactic to clear 'Clear Sky Heroic' under 10 min.

    Thanks in advance and sorry for my english
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    the best formula for passing clear sky woud be 1 Final measure, 1 reclaimer, and 2 dps platers to kill NPCs. good communication is also key in doing incursions, using medical skills and recovery sgnatures is also nice. I usually start on right side and insert the relay box and work my way to left clearing the heavy npc's
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    1. Two players (including one with Final Measure) setup on top of the building just in front of the left hand entrance. They draw all the fire and attention from the NPCs.
    2. One player goes and retrieves the fusebox on the right side. The other player helps take out NPCs and shoots overheals at the fusebox carrier. Using two overheals, medkits and recovery link, you should be able to get that fuse box back without going down. If the 4th player has a D3FNC build, the can also try to shield the fusebox carrier by standing between them and NPCs and the helicopter cannon.
    3. Switch sides. The attention drawers setup behind the car on the right hand side. This will be harder with NPCs being able to walk around flank you so use a flame turret, support station and call out flanking NPCs. You may need the 4th player who isn't carrying the fusebox to come back and support these two at time, or at least revive them.
    4. Once both fuses boxes are in, hit the laptop and everyone goes back to the building on the left hand side. You can snipe the named boss from afar if he refuses to come to you.

    In summary:
    1x Final Measure and 1x whatever with 2x support stations and at least 1 flame turret between you.
    1x high toughness fusebox carrier with overheal
    1x D3FNC or high DPS fusebox carrier bodyguard with overheal and support station
    Everyone must have recovery link.
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