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    Any chance of pre-loading on Uplay?

    Hey all,

    So to say, the title says it all.
    But do you think we have an option to pre load on uplay?
    I mean, my connection is fairly slow 1.2 megabyte per second, so was hoping we get one?
    Did wildlands and ac syndicate had a preload on uplay? If yes then its safe to say origins gets one too isnt it?

    Thanks in advance.

    Cheers, Mara
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    I would say it's highly likely. Wildlands had preload, I think.
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    My loading speed is worser than maramsp. Probably I'll use 50gb in net October 10-15 and my speed down from 1.6 mb p s to 0.5 mb p s. If ACO preloading October's first week(It's impossible I know), I have a change play game before release date. If not probably best change I'll play it 1 day later when we'll start loading the game. Because ACO probably 50- 60 gb or more and with my net contract ACO loading 20-25 hours.
    In my opinion it'll loading one day ago.
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    I really hope games will release nowadays on dvd again.
    I know the production costs will be quite high then, but not everyone has a fast download speed
    So games on dvd even for pc is the best imo
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