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    Can't download DLC content for Syndicate

    I recently purchased the Season Pass for Syndicate off of Humble Bundle. The content is shown as purchased in the store in-game but it's not installed and I can't find any way of downloading it. Doing some digging, it seems this might be an issue of my having a Steam copy of the game but a Uplay copy of the DLCs. Because the DLC isn't on my purchased list in Steam, there's no way of downloading it there (or so it would seem). Is there no way of downloading the DLC in-game or from Uplay?

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    Hi BebopPanda!

    You're correct, DLC purchased through Uplay will not be compatible with a Steam copy of the game. There isn't a way to make the DLC compatible and I apologize for any confusion or frustration this has caused!

    If you'd like to request a refund for the Uplay DLC you purchased, please create a case at by signing in and clicking on "Contact Customer Support."
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    That's a shame, thanks for the response though.
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