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    Please tell me you guys have a fix for this or if you know when we can expect one?

    I have well over 70 hours in this game. I have been taking my time enjoying it and doing every side mission I could do. And now I am just locked out of every thing. Every. Single. Thing.

    I have every DLC. So I am not sure why it is even saying I am missing downloadable content. I get the same message every other person here is saying. And there is a post on the Steam forums with over 100 replies about this issue.

    I do not know if this is a Steam only issue. or if its a PC only issue, or even if its a complete bug with Assassin's Creed 3 in general! But for sure it is affecting users who have it on Steam. I hope it did not just corrupt my Save file. I can start a new game and play, and load it back up without problem. My main save is just telling me "Load failed. A required downloadable content is missing" but again, I have EVERY downloadable content. But this error is showing up for everyone! Those who have all DLC, and those who have no DLC. It's nearing the 24 hour marker this issue has been here for. Please fix this.
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    no you dont need any DLC.
    i got all DLC available and installed and i still get the same message.
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    Can we just get an update and outright tell us if this is fixable or not?

    There is already word on the Steam Discussion board that there is nothing that can be done, that the update just corrupted our saves and we need to restart.

    But I would LOVE a reply from you guys on this.

    Do I continue to wait? Hopeful in the fact you guys can fix your mistake? Or will I be waiting for nothing as for you guys rather hide under the rug than inform us?
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    Yes, please give us an official answer!
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    game saves lost after updating 14 september 20017

    all game saves are lost after updating 14 september 20017
    Please fix this
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    I have giving up all hope we see fix. There is much talk on Steam our save has corrupted. Too much information points to this being truth. All AC3 Steam users now have broken save from Language Pack they did on September 12th. Now we must restart because they won't fix, and they can't fix. Our save is broken and beyond fix.

    This is very bad. I lose trust in Ubisoft Cloud save. I from now on will not use save cloud with Ubisoft. Very sad I lose all my progress. Not anymore I will lose thanks to Ubisoft error.

    For shame.
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    I am with all of those whom have put in numerous hours of game play. I am on sequence 12 and would hate to start from the beginning due to this debacle of a language update.
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    the save game is visible..... when I click on it .. it says "not able to download"
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    Someone official who can make a statement for this error, whether it can be corrected or not
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    Uplay version cannot change language after update is only for me?
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