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    Difficulty slider changes race of character?

    I read recently that the difficulty slider determines the color of your playable characters skin. Being a gamer for well over 30 years, and an avid consumer of Ubisoft products, I find this very disheartening. When I create a character for a game, I attempt to create an image in the likeness of myself. This feature effectively stops you from customizing your character, based on perceived, ill-advised prejudices found in our social climate. Video games are there to entertain and allow for an escape from reality. The last thing players want is developers pushing their warped world views on the consumers of their products. The difficulty and color of your characters skin should be left up to the player.
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    lol this is a South Park game we're talking about and something like this is exactly what you would expect from Matt and Trey. The Difficulty Slider is only one very small part of what is going to offend the non-SP fans.
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