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    Are live reflections there in Syndicate or no?

    Hello Assassins and Templars. One thing I've missed out in many games are live reflections in water bodies and mirrors. I thought Syndicate was also like that. I still think.
    But, between them, I can swear, I saw the live reflections of Evie and the Royal guard soldiers and horse carts and lamp posts in the water puddles during the mission "A Thorne in the Side", Sequence 06, Memory 05. I was quite astonished.
    Once I finished that mission, I once again went around puddles checking for reflections, but to my utter dismay, there weren't any, apart from the usual low poly scenery.
    Were those amazing reflections there for only one mission?

    All help shall we appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    I know in that mission, the graphics look better because it's a smaller area, just the Tower section. Perhaps in World War I too.
    But in London, they may have disabled this for a better optimization.
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