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    BIA League =

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    New Italian Community of Brothers In Arms

    Brothers In Arms ITALIA

    Site with news, forum and clan menagement

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    Danish site :


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    GREAT JOB!!!!
    Wow...I was just blown away when i saw this game for the first time. This game is just simply amazing i mean the realistic aspects of the game are mind blowing. Also the fact that they actually took the time to go to France and see the towns and what they look like now and also got reconisance photos from the 1940's is great. This game is just perfect, it shows the way life was for these brave men who sacrificed there lives to give us freedom and give us the lives we have today. It shows the true haroism that these young men had for their friends and country. It shows the life that was WW2.

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    Hey Denmarks newest and hottest Brothers in arms community site...


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    BIA Italia are increasing your community, anyone want exchange banners o link?

  8. #38 will be a BIA clan and portal, website will be up within a week, accessible through the intro

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